Connection Tales Frequently Asked Questions


Note: I will add to these Frequently Asked Questions as needed.

What is Connection?

Connection is the law enforcement arm of the Alliance.

Centuries ago, various types of planet-killing technology were developed as a means to overpower and destroy enemies and competitors. When it seemed that no one planet could stand up to these aggressors for fear of destruction, the Alliance was formed to protect and promote peace and trade among members.

As the Alliance grew – and it is still growing – it became necessary to create Connection in order to police these planets and keep the peace.

Connection agents are very well-trained in investigative, diplomatic, and combat methodologies. They have to be well trained. Theirs is one of the most dangerous jobs in the galaxy.

What is ’empty space’?

Empty space is a colloquial term for an area of the galaxy where there are no stars. There is life in these areas of the galaxy, but that life is far different from that which has developed in the light of a star. These life forms are often energy-based, rather than mineral-based. Often, but not always. The only consistency among empty space life forms is their uniqueness.

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