The Heat Connection – a query


To anyone who may be interested in my tales, a query letter:

Terence Philips is sure his employer, an interplanetary law enforcement agency called Connection, is trying to kill him. He can’t trust the agency, his superiors, or his friends – and he can’t trust a partner.  Any partner. But agents who work solo don’t live long.

Kyle Huber has always been a logical, down-to-earth man. When strange things begin happening, he tries to find a logical reason for them. Unfortunately, the only logical reason involves aliens from outer space.

When these two men are thrown together on a simple investigation of car explosions in western Canada, neither is prepared for the result: facing two deadly enemies from their separate pasts. While Huber learns to accept the impossible, Philips must learn to trust a partner. On the line: Connection’s base planet, Earth. Can they overcome their pasts to save their future?

The Heat Connection is a 93,000 word science fiction novel full of adventure on Earth and off, with aliens, explosions, and exploding aliens. It’s what happens when the Men In Black kick butt in outer space.

Thank you for your consideration. The complete manuscript is available upon request.


BJ Muntain

E-mail for more information, including more detailed contact information.