About BJ’s writing


I write about characters.

I write about characters in many different places – the wilds of space, fantastic worlds, seniors homes – doing exciting things. But despite the settings and plots, the stories are about characters.

I enjoy writing science fiction. I like using my imagination to create worlds, creatures, cultures, and characters in situations far beyond what any of us would encounter. I like explosions. I also like stars, spacecraft, aliens (we call them foreigners), battles using many types of weapons, and good old hand-to-hand combat. All these things have an impact on the people who deal with them, and it’s that impact that I treasure.

With a degree in anthropology and a deep interest in psychology and science, I delight in making my worlds, cultures, and characters come to life in fun and interesting ways.

I understand that some people enjoy meeting their characters in various venues, like virtual worlds or bars. Not me. Don’t get me wrong – I love my characters. But if they ever found out who does all this crap to them… I probably wouldn’t live long.


Outside“, a short story in Question of the Day: The Andre Polk Memorial Anthology, found on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats. More information is given on my home page.

“Crime Scene Investigation: 1916”, an article on the methods used in the investigation of a murder in 1916, published in the June 2017 issue of Folklore, the magazine of the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society.

Current projects

The Heat Connection – science fiction/space opera. This is a completed novel that I’m shopping around, looking for agents or publishers. It’s the first novel in the Connection universe.

The sequel to the Heat Connection. Because the characters are too good to allow them to escape. I’m in the process of a deep revision of this novel.

A Twitter experiment: A short story, posted in tweets on Twitter, as a serial. It’s called Empty Space, and it’s set in the Connection universe. I’ve got both the story and the idea behind it under the Connection Tales tab.

A mystery I call “The Old Mystery“, for want of a better name right now. It’s only half drafted so far, so nowhere near ready to pitch yet. But it’s a fun story about elderly people, supercentenarians, family and city dynamics, and yarn-bombing.

A non-fiction historical piece about a crime and trial in the 1910s. I’m hoping that it will be an interesting discussion, not only of the trial, but of various health and historic aspects involved in this little-known piece of history.

Short stories, some of which I’ve been shopping around. Others are waiting for the right time.

In the past, I’ve worked as a writer in various capacities – marketing, social media, technical manuals, how-to manuals, websites, and articles. I’m currently working freelance. I also proofread and edit – I’m one of those elite (odd?) few who read style guides for fun.

If you’re interested in any of my work, please e-mail me.