About BJ

Little brown dog

Yes. Those are my initials. I won’t tell you what they stand for, because the purpose of using them is to keep my writing and my work life completely separate. When you write for a living as well as for publication, it’s very important to keep these two parts of your life apart.

By day, I’m a mild-mannered freelance writer. I like doing this. I get to write (and edit and proofread) all sorts of things. It’s a varied, busy, fulfilling  career, and I want to keep it. Hence the separation.

When I’m not freelancing, though, I’m BJ Muntain, a mild-mannered writer of science fiction which holds mysteries, explosions, aliens, and fight scenes. Not only do I write science fiction, I’m also a writing partner, writing cheerleader, dog lover, and chocolate enabler. Follow me on Twitter at @BJMuntain.

I believe it’s important for a writer to develop skills in writing, business, publishing, social media and marketing. I attend the Surrey International Writers’ Conference regularly, and I sometimes get to workshops in New York City. I’ve also attended the Cascade Writers Workshop and When Words Collide in Calgary AB. I use Twitter to learn as much as I can about the evolving publishing industry and writing in general, and to share that knowledge with other writers. I also follow important blogs like Janet Reid’s and The Kill Zone.

I also write other genres besides science fiction, but I find the science fiction more fun. For more information on my writing, I have a whole separate page for that.

Oh, the little guy in the corner here? That’s Koko. He’s been my online identity for many years. We were once in a dog-owner look-alike contest, and we came in 2nd. I decided that was close enough, and he’s a lot cuter than I am. Now he’s my avatar in all things. Sadly, Koko passed away on February 8, 2013. He has a Twitter account, too: @KokoMuntain. I use his account now to post and retweet pet/rescue/dog-related tweets. And, sometimes, just to keep his personality alive. He may have been a small dog, but his personality was big enough to fill the world.

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