May 282015
20-sided dice

From the article: “George Church is the kind of guy who finds a 20-sided die and immediately thinks about the structure of viruses.”

I don’t think I ever heard the name George Church before today, unless it was in passing on Twitter. Reading this article in Popular Science (online) tells me that this is a huge omission. Go. Now. Read this article about this very interesting man.

His ideas are so off-the-wall – yet so important – that it’s easy to see why some people consider him frightening. His work includes changing genes. This can be frightening, because we see our genes as what makes us US. They’re what makes each of us an individual.

All those ideas that we get, that we think, ‘Yeah, that would be cool science fiction’? He makes them real.

And that is both intriguing and frightening.

I want to meet this man, if only to shake his hand and say, “Give me your reality. Let me make them fiction.”

Because you know he can do the reverse with your fiction.


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