Sep 252014

Literary agents and agencies

According to Publisher’s Lunch, the Waxman Leavell Literary Agency is expanding, hiring four more agents.

  • Cassie Hanjian (formerly with the Park Literary Agency)is looking for New Adult and adult women’s fiction, historical fiction, psychological suspense, cozy mysteries and contemporary romance. She is also seeking some non-fiction.
  • Fleetwood Robins (formerly with Wizards of the Coast and Del Rey) is seeking speculative fiction, including fantasy, alternate history, military SF, space opera, steampunk, and other sub-genres.
  • Kirsten Carleton (formerly at Sobel Weber Associates) is seeking YA, speculative, and literary fiction.
  • Julie Stevenson (formerly at Sobel Weber Associates) is seeking literary fiction, thrillers, suspense.

Please see the agency’s About the Agency page for more detail into what these people are seeking. As always, be sure to follow their submission guidelines. (They also have a good list of writing, editing and submitting resources on their guidelines page.)

The Triada US Literary Agency has also grown – they’ve added two new literary agent assistants who are also growing their own lists.

  • Laura Crockett is looking for YA (contemporary, fantasy, horror) and certain subgenres of adult horror, historical fiction,and mystery.
  • Brent Taylor is looking for MG, YA, and adult mysteries and women’s fiction. Here’s a recent interview with Brent.

Again, be sure to check the submission guidelines for more specific information on what the agents are looking for. I don’t always put all the sub-genres in this blog.

Changes at Aitken Alexander Associates

  • Andrew Kidd of Aitken Alexander Associates is leaving agenting the end of October to pursue another career in the industry.
  • Lucy Luck, previously working in association with the Aitken Alexander agency, will become an agent of the agency as of October 1.

Changes at the Transatlantic Literary Agency


Capstone  founder retires: John Coughlan, a founding member of Capstone, a publisher of children’s books and digital products and services, is retiring this month after a 25-year career with the publishing house.

Lou Anders has stepped down as editor at Pyr (an imprint of Prometheus Books). Rene Sears has the position of Interim Pyr Editor. (Note that Pyr does not accept unagented submissions.)

Rebelight is a new Canadian publisher for Middle Grade, Young Adult and New Adult novels. They’re looking for “Well written and edited stories of any genre with riveting plots, dynamic and developing protagonists and antagonists we love to hate” by new or established Canadian authors that appeal to a worldwide market. Submission guidelines.

Magazines and Anthologies

NEW: Uncanny: a magazine of science fiction and fantasy. “Uncanny is seeking passionate SF/F fiction and poetry from writers from every conceivable background. We want intricate, experimental stories and poems with gorgeous prose, verve, and imagination that elicit strong emotions and challenge beliefs. Uncanny believes there’s still plenty of room in the genre for tales that make you feel.”  Submission guidelines.

NEW: Urban Fantasy Magazine “We like to read stories set in the world where we all live, albeit with fantastical elements. We’d like for our readers to imagine that our stories are taking place in the city next door.” Submission Guidelines.

Grimdark Magazine has a new URL. “Working in a sub-genre means we are after a very specific style of story or image. We want dark settings, grey characters of both sexes, morally ambiguous decisions, and plenty of grit.” Submission guidelines.

On Spec is open to fiction submissions until October 31, 2014. The theme is “Punk“. STEAMPUNK, CYBERPUNK, BIOPUNK, and many other types of ‘punk’ derivatives have become popular sub-genres of speculative fiction. Submission guidelines.

Tesseracts Nineteen (anthology) will open to Canadian authors from October 30, 2014 to February 2, 2015. Theme: Superhero Universe. “Any and all permutations of the superhero genre. Superheroes! Supervillains! Superpowered antiheroes. Super scientists. Adventurers into the unknown. Costumed crimefighters. Mutant superterrorists. Far-future supergroups. Crusading aliens in a strange land. Secret histories of covert superspies.” Submission Guidelines.

Accessing the Future “will be an anthology that explores the future potentials of technology to augment and challenge the physical environment and the human form—in all of its wonderful and complex diversity.”

SNAFU: Wolves at the Door. “For this anthology, we want military horror or sci-fi featuring werewolves and other lycanthropes.”

Submissions for Infinite Urban Fantasy One anthology will be open from September 30 to December 31, 2014. “We are looking for great UF that breaks away from the tired tropes of the genre.”

NOTE: For all markets, always check the submissions guidelines. Many people get rejected because they don’t follow them.

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