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Style guides have their good points and not so good points. On the good side, they help a writer or group of writers maintain consistency in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. On the other side, not everyone agrees with everything every style guide says – and many guides contradict each other.

Abbeville Press, an independent art book publisher, has created their own style guide in response to inconsistencies found in “that big orange style Goliath”, The Chicago Manual of Style. Their blog, The Abbeville Manual of Style, often matches wits with this, their “formidably orange opponent”. I think anyone who has an interest in style in the English language will find these jousts informative and even entertaining.

Janet Reid
, who also follows Abbeville’s ongoing war, once suggested a T-shirt be made to memorialize this most historic battle. I think that is a great idea, and I would definitely buy such a shirt. I’ve suggested it a few times to @Abbeville on Twitter, and recently received a message from Abbeville Press:

@BJMuntain To produce T-shirts we’d need some kind of assurance of a larger market for them…can you round up an online movement? :)”

Well, folks, that’s what I’m trying to do here. I recommend everyone check out this informative and art-filled blog, especially the Duel of Style. Then, if you feel that a T-shirt commemorating their stylish disputes with Chicago is of interest to you, let them know. You can comment here, or reply to @Abbeville on Twitter, or e-mail them at the e-mail address given on their contact page.

Together, we can help this independent press bring their battle to the public eye and spread style throughout the world!

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  1. You have truly gone above and beyond the call to help promote our site and Chicago battles. Many thanks! We’ll be checking back soon to see if any kind of movement gets under way…either way, we’re adding you to our list of stylish links!

    All the best,

    Austin and the Abbeville team

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