Oct 092008

I was just pointed at this new e-zine today. Pays professional rates, yet lets readers read for free. And it looks very high quality, too. I’m very impressed.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

Beneath Ceaseless Skies publishes “literary adventure fantasy”: stories with a secondary-world setting and some traditional or classic fantasy feel, but written with a literary flair.”

They go into more detail in their guidelines.

Under 10,000 words, pays 5 cents per word. E-mail only. Aiming to reply in 4-6 weeks. They also have a forum, where the editor — Scott H. Andrews — posts Slush Updates.

  4 Responses to “Beneath Ceaseless Skies”

  1. Thanks, Margaret! That’s good to know!

  2. I can add that the editor tends to add a comment or two along with the rejection notes so that you have a good idea why a story failed…and something to think about regarding revision.

  3. If I told you everything I found, you’d never read my blog!

    Truth be told, I can’t remember. I’m getting old…

    Speaking of grammar, have you seen my other blog (brand new): http://pointsonstyle.blogspot.com/

    (Thanks for the chance to plug my new blog!)


  4. Did you tell me about this site already? I don’t think I’ve seen it before, but I’ll have to write something up for them. If you’ll do a grammar edit for me. 😛 Their submissions guidelines scared me with talk of commas and clauses and such.


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