Dec 292007

Well, there’s been some activity at the Speculations forum, in the New Markets category. I thought I would pass a couple on to you, my loyal readers (you must be loyal, if you’re still reading…)

As usual, I do not guarantee ANYTHING.

Permuted Press is putting out an anthology called Robots Beyond. “But speculative fiction is, at its heart, the art of what-if. That’s what this collection is all about: Robots Beyond the normal sci-fi boundaries, crossing into other genres with their customary logic and precision.” Guidelines can be found on the Permuted Press web site. Lane Adamson is looking for stories between 3000 and 7500 words, and will pay 1 cent per word US. No fanfiction. Submissions period opens on January 2, 2008, so wait a few days before sending your stories out. Deadline is April 4, 2008.

WolfSinger Publications will publish This Ain’t No Rodeo, an anthology based on the sport of Bull Riding. 75% of proceeds go to the Resistol Relief Fund for injured riders and their families. “We are looking for stories up to 7500 words in length that feature the sport of Bull Riding. They can be in any genre as long as the sport of Bull Riding is a key part of the story.” Payment is $10 flat. Deadline: March 31, 2008. Call for Submissions.

Maybe in 2008 I’ll be able to dedicate more time to The Word in Writing. I may even make a few changes — but I’m not making any promises. So, here’s hoping your holidays have all been happy, and that the new year brings you more sales than you ever thought possible!

  3 Responses to “A Couple of Anthologies”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for helping to publicize the Robots Beyond call for submissions. Early response has been good, but in a perfect world I’d like to be overwhelmed with manuscripts!

  2. Wow. Humour is a broad genre — not really a genre at all, really. I like to think of humour as *style*. Most magazines will accept humour in their own genres — say, science fiction humour for the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, or humorous horror for certain horror mags out there (yes, there is such a thing as a humorous horror magazine).

    What sort of stories do you write? Mainstream, or funny stuff happening in an everyday background? Or genre humour, like science fiction, fantasy, or horror? Satirical humour? Political? Family? X-Rated? Mad Magazine is looking for submissions: Adbusters seems open for submissions: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine likes light science fiction and fantasy:

    So, what sort of humour?

  3. Hallo there! Any news about the humour market? I write a lot of comic short stories.

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