Jul 022007

A good friend of mine has nothing but good things to say about this company, the magazine they publish, and their small press.

Sheer Speculation Press

Sheer Speculation Press is a small press focusing on the speculative fiction genre. Our intent is to publish quality pieces within the genre that take the time to enlighten the reader, rather than shock them. Stories submitted to Sheer Speculation Press should be literary in nature – in other words, send us stories that you would feel comfortable sending to a non-genre review or magazine but which are still easily discernable as taking place within the boundaries of the two genres.

Staffs & Starships

Staffs & Starships is a magazine imprint of Sheer Speculation Press looking to print amateur and little-known authors who are hoping to edge their way into the world of science fiction and fantasy. It is our hope to bring to light some of the hidden talent within the North American world of writers. Submissions. Submission Guidelines.

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  1. Mr. Muntain, thanks for the good press. I’d be curious to know how this friend of yours is. I can’t seem to figure it out 🙂 I’ve put a link to you in my recent post, as well. Thanks much. JB Dryden.


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