May 032007

Once again, Brenda Novak is hosting an incredible on-line auction to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research. Those who used to read the newsletter version of The Word in Writing may remember that my cousin passed away last year from complications due to Juvenile Diabetes. He was in his 30s. For this reason, I encourage you to check out this auction. There’s something there for everyone:

For Writers, you can bid on mentoring and editing offers, as well as reads and critiques by authors, agents and editors. Agent Don Maass and his lovely wife, editor Lisa Rector-Maass, are each offering their services, for instance. Many (most?) of the offers are for those writing Romance, as Brenda Novak is a best-selling romance author, and that’s where most of her network lies. Brenda herself offers a number of prizes, including a ‘Deluxe Mentoring and Networking Experience’. After reading the description, you’ll be wondering why your best friends don’t treat you that well.

(Now, I know that some writers may wonder why they should pay to have an agent or editor read their proposals or manuscripts, and the truth is: you don’t have to. You can send your submissions to the Donald Maass Literary Agency and the other editors or agents for free, as you normally would… but this way, you are supporting a very worthy cause. And imagine the networking possibilities!)

For Readers, there are autographed books and galley copies, from such notable authors as Jo Beverley, Roxanne St. Claire, Mary Balogh, Dr. David Cherrington, John Gray, and Cindi Myers, as well as series, sets, collections, and other tidbits. You’ll find most, again, are romance, but there are also children’s and non-fiction and more.

Under Once in a Lifetime Experiences, you’ll find trips to Napa Valley, Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and so on.

Other items include coach purses, gift baskets, paintings, antiques, collectibles, and even a Ukrainian Easter Egg. I love Ukrainian Easter eggs.

So, check it out. There is probably something there you will want to buy. It’s things like this that make me wish I had a lot more money.

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