Apr 242007

What is The Word in Writing? A few years ago I started writing a markets column for my writers group newsletter. A lot of people found it useful, so every week I wrote at least 1000 words of researched market news. That became a lot of time that I just didn’t have. After too many late nights before a deadline, I decided to put the column on hiatus.

It had been suggested to me that The Word would be better off as a blog. It had been suggested I charge for it, as I had when I’d put it on my website, but for now I think I can do without the added stress of making sure it’s done because someone’s paid for it. So, I open it up to the world for free — for now, anyway.

As mentioned earlier, the column was originally written for the Zentao7 Novel Writers Workshop. It’s a good group, and I owe a lot to it. I’m also currently the Acting Leader of the group. This particular version of Z7 is open to applications from middle to advanced skilled writers, published or unpublished. Check out the site, and if you’re interested, you can send questions, or an application which includes a 2000 word sample of your best writing, to me.

Z7 also has a public version – The Z7 Writers Group 2007 – which is a “professional working writers, authors, & poets forum”, open to all creative writers. Feel free to check it out, too.

Another good site to check out is The Deepening, an e-zine showcasing “the best short stories & fiction”. Check out the free stories, for a taste of what you can find if you subscribe.

Hmm. I think I just might get to like this blogging business…

  3 Responses to “Welcome to The Word in Writing Blog”

  1. Yes, you should. You should also at least claim it at technorati.com

  2. Thanks, Dawn! I suppose I should get this working again. That’s what I get for starting a blog one week before starting a new job.

    Thanks again!


  3. Hi BJ. I’ll be linking you into both of my blogs, http://www.dlkeur.com/dlkeur-blog/ and http://www.zentao.com/art-blog/

    I’ll also be linking you into TD’s blog, though that blog is pretty inactive. Editors, it seems, don’t really like to editorialize that much.

    Good seeing you.


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