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Question of the Day book coverQuestion of the Day: The Andre Polk Memorial Anthology is available for pre-order for Kindle, to be downloaded on September 18, 2017.

Andre Polk was a friendly, enthusiastic science fiction writer, full of great questions and good conversation. He passed away earlier this year, not even 30 years old. We miss him, and we wanted to pay tribute to him by putting together this anthology, compiled and published by Clayborn Press. I’m honoured to have a short story, titled Outside, included in this anthology, among 20 other authors. All proceeds go to Andre’s family.

From the Clayborn Press Facebook page:

This book is a memorial anthology for an aspiring Science Fiction author, Andre Polk, who was taken earlier this year by Sickle Cell disease. 21 up and coming scifi authors have contributed to this anthology. The book was edited and compiled by JJ Clayborn and TL Evans and features cover art by Josh Hayes. Everyone involved has agreed to donate the proceeds of this work to Andre’s family. There are some really great stories in this collection by some very talented folks. We’re very humbled to have been a part of this.


Interested in a free short story? Check out my Twitter story, Empty Space. It ran from November 1–21, 2015.  Here’s how it worked. Read it here. Three weeks of 5-tweet chapters, one chapter per day, using Twitter account @ConnectionTales and hashtag #ConES1. I hope to do another soon.

I’m BJ, and I’m a science fiction writer who lives in the wide open spaces of Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s amazing what seeing the entire night sky like an upturned bowl of stars can do to one’s imagination. I read style guides for fun. You can reach me here.

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