Koko - little brown Shih Tzu

BJ Muntain is a science fiction writer who lives in the wide open spaces of Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s amazing what seeing the entire night sky like an upturned bowl of stars can do to one’s imagination.

You can check out both my blogs. I’m afraid The Word in Writing has grown stagnant since I moved my writing news information to Twitter (follow me at @BJMuntain). You can get all sorts of neat information there on writing, the publishing industry, interesting science, dogs and chocolate. In the near future, I hope to turn this blog into something more oriented on science and science fiction ideas.

Points on Style has also suffered, this due to my preoccupation with this website. Here, I try to explain the parts and pieces of grammar and style that people often have problems with, as well as discuss other technical aspects of writing. Yes, I’m a grammar nerd.

If you like word games, you can find some under that tab. I am hoping to work on this part of the site to get it more user friendly and even more fun.

I’m also working on a site for a fictitious entity, the Connection Security Organization. As I get more used to WordPress, I’m hoping to do more exciting things here. For now, if you check out the training sections on this site, you’ll find some games to while your time.

Thank you for visiting my work-in-progress! I hope you enjoy what you see here!